What a strong password should include

A strong password should include a random combination of 12 or more numbers, symbols, and upper- and lower-case letters.  Using a variety of characters makes it stronger by increasing the time it takes to guess, that is crack it.  

5 Strong Passwords Characteristics:

  • At least 12 characters in length.
  • Contains upper-case letter(s).
  • Contains lower-case letter(s).
  • Contains number(s).
  • Contains Unicode special character(s) like: “(space)!”#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~”.  However, various operating systems and applications may apply limitations to this set.

What to NOT DO with Passwords:

Do Not…

  • Use passwords that are easy to guess.
  • Use passwords related to common information such as a child’s or pet’s name, or your favorite sports team.  
  • Use passwords that someone can guess using your publicly available information (social media).
  • Reuse passwords until after using at least six other passwords.
  • Write down your password in a place that is accessible to others.
  • Share your password with anyone, including systems administrators.  

Use Passphrases

Passphrases are created to help you remember passwords by substituting words in a phrase or sentence with letters, numbers and special characters. They usually contain at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, one number, and a special character.A strong passphrase can be something like: “bloody password” = B100dyPa55w0rd.  

Mandatory Password Protection Practices

Do not share your password with anyone and in case you suspect your password is compromised, change it immediately and report the compromised password as an incident.  

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