“Food Near Me” – How to Optimize for New Restaurants Near Me Searches

Food Near Me, New Restaurants Near Me

Optimizing your new restaurants website for “Food Near Me” local searches is essential for your site to be discovered online by a local internet user. The ability to rank on “New Restaurants Near Me” search results will be more feasible after following the steps outlined in this SEO guide.

A growing feature of the local food market is ranking for “Food Near Me” search results, like “Hotels near me” as well as “coffee shop near me” In actual fact, the number of “Food Near Me” searches have their popularity increased by a third in the year 2015 and “Food Near Me”  searches are likely to be used more often over the course of time.

If your new restaurant is planning to compete with established brands, a lot of internet users search with the key phrase “New Restaurants Near Me”  when searching for businesses like yours. Therefore, getting a high ranking for “Food Near Me” search terms is crucial.

Although there is no consensus on the exact formula to rank for “Food Near Me” searches, new research has identified some of the key elements that affect the results for “Near Me” searches. This article guides you through the steps to boost your chance of showing in the the results from local searches using “Food Near Me” or “New Restaurants Near Me”.

Reasons to Optimize Your New Restaurant for “Food Near Me” Searches

If you’re not optimizing your new restaurant website for site for “New Restaurants Near Me” and other Nearby Local Search Keywords, you’re losing the chance to rank locally for about 46 percent of Google searches. The “food near me” search results is essential for displaying details about your new restaurant to people trying to find local restaurants. If you do not appear in Local Search Results, your competitors are.

“Food Near Me” – Tips to Optimize for New Restaurants Near Me Searches

Discover how you could make the most of the web pages you have created and Google My Business to create the best local SEO strategy.

Check out our top suggestions to optimize your site for ” food near me” search results in Google.

Update your google my business profile:

Be sure to add and update important information in Google My Business (GMB), which includes details about your contact details and hours of operation, and the keywords for your business and the industry you’re working in. Adding photos that have names in line with the keywords you want to rank for can also help increase your rank.

Make sure name, address, and phone number are consistent throughout your site:

Ensuring that the same essential information about your company is prominently displayed throughout your website is essential. A primary “Contact” webpage is essential, and if you can include information on the footer of all your pages will help Google make the job more efficient. Be sure that the information you provide matches the GMB listing.

Add driving directions to your restaurant website:

It may sound a bit specific, but it will assist! It is important to make every effort to optimize your site as you can to show up in the highly sought-after Local-3 Pack section of Google’s SERP. Adding directions to the local area and landmarks will make your site noticed.

Use landmarks, neighborhoods, and cities in your website content:

Certain businesses are better known outside of the world, and local search results could show this in the company’s local rankings. Examples include:

  • Iconic hotels or famous museums.
  • Other Well-known restaurants.
  • Even the most well-known local stores.
  • Government offices.
  • Schools

Add schema data:

Ensure the Schema data includes and matches the data on your site and GMB listing

A well-structured data structure will allow your site to be able to communicate with search engines from all angles. Making sure your schema is accurate and pertinent does more than optimize your website for local SEO; it also improves the chance of showing up in quick response and the “zero clicks” area in the upper SERP.

With a schema that is compatible with the information you have on your site and GMB listing, Search engines can better scan your website and comprehend the structure of your site and improve the way that it displays your content to be able to serve the most relevant results.

Push for more positive reviews across multiple sites (Especially Google My Business):

What sets you apart from your competition? Your customer experience! If you’re competing with other local businesses, The number of highly rated reviews on multiple websites could increase your odds of being ranked above them.

In the end, the fact that 84 percent of people believe in online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. With a solid approach to soliciting reviews, you’re not just building brand loyalty with solid and consistent reviews, but Google will be rewarding you in the search results.

Make sure the pages load fast and correctly on mobile:

The majority of mobile web users will leave your website in the event that the website isn’t loading within three seconds. Google Search considers speed when ranking your site; therefore, make sure your site’s pages are functional to avoid being penalized by Google Search and offer customers a reason to find alternatives.

Make sure that your listings are correct on all top-ranking review sites:

Although Google My Business is the most popular, we suggest looking for “food near me” terms you’d like to rank for and make sure that you’re listed on the review websites which appear on the first page. More authority that you create through review websites, the more your rank. The review sites could include Trustpilot or Crunchbase, just to mention two.

You may get minimal success with including the actual term “Food Near Me” in content:

Incorporating “food near me” or the “New Restaurants Near Me” phrase into your website content is a difficult task and can sound odd. We’ve had very little success when including the phrase completely in articles, so don’t feel that it’s a do or break factor to add. If you stick to the other recommendations to optimize your website, you’ll be able to be visible in ” food near me” searches and the prominence of your new restaurant in local SEO will gradually increase.

Test and see how the results are working:

It’s impossible to know what you’ve never attempted to test. If you’re having trouble with a specific keyword, consider optimizing for the possibility of synonyms to that keyword. This generally involves going through several of the previously mentioned areas and should only be done when you’re sure you’ve completed the steps before properly.

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