How to Create a Yahoo Account

create a yahoo account

Yahoo mail is a service that provides its users a free account with Yahoo mail if you create a yahoo account along with Yahoo’s services of email. Not only this, Yahoo will provide you with the services like address book, personalized breaking news feed, and many other services. The users will be provided a customizable home page with the services like Yahoo notepad and Yahoo answers. If you are attracted to all these features and want to set up a Yahoo account but you are new to Yahoo and could not figure out the features and the steps to do so, then you are at the right place. We will help you get started with the services of Yahoo on any device or even on a browser. To do so, you just need to follow the instructions given below carefully.

Steps to set up a Yahoo account on browser.

  • Step no. 1 – The first step to follow is to go to any of the browsers of your device.
  • Step no. 2 – After you visit the browser, you have to visit the home page of Yahoo to create a new Yahoo account.
  • Step no. 3 – There will be an option saying “Create an account”. You are supposed to click on that option and below it you will find the sign – in credentials form which you have to fill.
  • Step no. 4 – At this step you have to fill up all your details like your full name including your last name and first name, then your username along with the password you set, then your date of birth for your age and at last your mobile number for the two- factor authentication purpose.
  • Step no. 5 – Hit the “Continue” button now.
  • Step no. 6 – Now, you have to choose one option whether you want your verification code through call or text message on the number you have provided in the credentials form.
  • Step no. 7 – After selecting the mode you will receive your verification code which will be of 5- digit either on call on text depending on whatever option you chose.
  • Step no. 8 – After you enter the 5- digit code hit the “verify” tab and then press the “Continue” button.
  • Step no. 9 – As soon as you will click the “Done” option you will be directed back to the home page of Yahoo, where you will have the access to your newly created Yahoo account on the right side corner of the top side of the screen.

Steps to set up a Yahoo account on Android.

  • Step no. 1 To sign up on Yahoo on your Android device you have to first navigate to the settings option on your device.
  • Step no. 2 Once you get the settings option, search for the Add account option and when you find it click on it.
  • Step no. 3 Now, press on the Email option and then select the option of Yahoo mail option. If you are not able to find the Yahoo mail option in the Email option then you can also download the application free of cost from the play store app and then use it.
  • Step no. 4 When you will select the option to set up a new email you will be asked to fill up your details like Name, username, password, date of birth and others. Make sure you fill up the details correctly and recheck it once.
  • Step no. 5 You will be receiving a verification code on your provided mobile number, you have to fill it up in the respective box.
  • Step no. 6 After doing this, click on the Next button to finish your set up.


Steps to set up a Yahoo account on iPhone.

  • Step no. 1 To set up your Yahoo account on your iPhone device you have to go to the settings options of your device. Then look for the Password & Accounts option.
  • Step no. 2 In the mails tab you have to go for the Accounts option.
  • Step no. 3 You will see a Yahoo tab when you will open the Add account tab. You have to click on the Yahoo tab.
  • Step no. 4 At this step you have to enter your email address, enter the information carefully.
  • Step no. 5 After filling the email address hit the Next option.
  • Step no. 6 Now, you have to fill the password in the empty blank of password.  After you fill the password you are supposed to click the Sign in tab. If you forgot your password you have to reset it following other steps.
  • Step no. 7 You have to now, turn on the option of Mail toggle switch.
  • Step no. 8 In the next step we will advise you to enable the other options you want to sync with your account. It is optional and depends upon you.
  • Step no. 9 Now, hit the Save button to sign up on Yahoo.

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