8 Reasons Email Marketing Is Still Highly Effective

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Email marketing has been a great way to advertise special promotions and new product launches, eBooks, webinars, and promote your brand’s name in general.
However, is it still worth the effort? With the advent of more options for digital marketing than ever, such as social media marketing and Google Ads, does email still have value in terms of actually making money?

I’ll say yes. Creating a solid email marketing plan can help you connect and reach your audience in a customized manner and boost sales for a reasonable price. Similar to how other media platforms and platforms have evolved in the past, email marketing tools offer your business the chance to connect with customers more efficiently than ever before.

Reasons Email Marketing Is Still Highly Effective

These are our ┬ábest reasons for Email marketing’s importance and the ways they could aid your company:

Email marketing is great for targeted messages

Let’s now discuss how vital email marketing is in relation to lead nurturing, which is often called lead marketing through email. The principal idea is that the potential buyers are at different levels of the buying process.

They could be in the contemplation stage, while others could be in the research and comparison stage, and others ready to purchase. Making buyer personas will assist you in determining what type of content you should create for each stage.

Segmenting customers into relevant mailing lists allows businesses to better target these customers.

Customers require information to help take them to the next cycle; delivering the right information can accomplish that. It’s all about guiding these customers through your sales funnel in the fastest way, however, as efficiently as you can.

Email Marketing Enhances brand awareness

It’s not the only tool that aids in increasing the visibility of a brand’s image. Being able to have a prospective customer’s or client’s email address signifies that they have shown curiosity about your company. Email marketing offers you the chance to increase that level of interest brand’s visibility by remaining in the forefront.

It’s not necessary to send out four emails a day to every customer. This is an excellent way to cause customers to dislike your company. Instead, you can try out some email marketing that encourages you to be active in your local area.

A lot of companies attempt to sell, market, offer their goods via email marketing and overlook the importance of brand awareness. When they do this, they’re also hindering the most effective way of building trust with customers and adding a sense of authenticity to their business.

Email Marketing makes keeping in touch with your target audience easy

Emails can keep customers updated. Customers can check their emails at times that are suitable for them. They can get the impression that you’re paying attention to your customers. The email could be as straightforward as sending: “Hi, you’re on our thoughts, here’s an offer that is special!” or “Here is an update of what’s been happening here in the past few months.” People who have joined an email subscription have signed up to receive these emails. Therefore, they are likely to enjoy the messages (as you provide them something worthwhile to read) and will increase your customers’ engagement.

Email marketing makes it easy to reach customers in real-time

A post on the blog of Litmus revealed that 54 percent of emails were read on smartphones. It’s a significant number and must be considered when planning your marketing strategies. The majority of people use mobile devices to get access to emails and other kinds of information and media. In addition, good-designed emails result in more conversion rates for mobile than any other type of media. Get them on the move!

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Email marketing performance is easy to measure

The majority of email marketing tools can monitor what happens after you have sent your email marketing campaign. You can monitor the delivery rate and bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click rates, and open rates.

This helps you gain the ability to see the way your email marketing campaigns are performing and what ones to modify or eliminate altogether. These numbers are not to be overlooked. They’re an integral element of your online marketing campaign in all its aspects.

There are a variety of studies and surveys that provide “optimal” figures to aim at; the final decision is based on your industry and market. If your customers don’t only require but want daily emails, make sure you give them.

But, sending excessive emails to customers who do not wish to more than once a week can see your unsubscribe rates rise. It’s all about knowing your audience and delivering valuable information.

We’ve all been trained to respond to emails.

For a long time, email has been an integral method of communication. As time has gone through, emails have become one of our primary options for communication. We’ve all been trained to respond to emails in some way.

This could be to respond to the email, forward it to the email, click on other information contained in the email, delete it, purchase something, or join a club.

We are prone to do things via email. In this regard, you can utilize email to lead users to your website or take the phone to call or any other call-to-action. In reality, more than 25Percent of sales last year were attributable to marketing via email.

Email Marketing is affordable

We’re sure you’ve been looking forward to our response to this particular issue. You can reach a vast amount of people at the cost of less than a penny per email. Its cost for (possible) conversion is so minimal when it comes to marketing via email that I can’t believe that every company doesn’t take part or communicate more frequently.

Email marketing services like SendGrid are priced at $0.0006 cents per email at their level of Platinum Marketing Email. Mail Chimp lets you deliver up to 12,000 email messages per month at no cost.

They also offer bigger monthly plans to businesses growing with over 500,000. Subscribers and plans for high-volume senders for anything more than that. Another company that offers email marketing, Vertical Response, offers free email marketing for up to 4,000 emails per month and 1,000 email addresses. They also provide subscription options for senders with higher volumes.

Therefore, even though it can provide a substantial ROI, employing an individual to oversee these efforts is an excellent idea.

One benefit of email marketing could be to market your products provided you go about the process in the right way. It is crucial to utilize all customer information and data you can. Giving customers special offers on their birthdays, or informing them that the food they love is half off, is far more effective than giving them an offer.

The email marketing method may include seasonal deals which allow you to promote the holiday season and an annual deal. Make sure you make sense of urgency with any offer. Customers are more likely to buy when the offer is due to expire shortly.

Almost everyone uses email.

A Hubspot survey shows 90 Percent of users utilize email. This alone ought to suffice for you to consider exploring the tools. If your business doesn’t make up the remaining 9 percent (hint that it isn’t), email offers an excellent opportunity to communicate with your customers.

You can not only provide customers with discounts, specials, or new products, but they can also send these emails to anybody they’d want to. An effective marketing plan for email makes it easier for customers to share promotions whenever possible. Are you aware of brand awareness?

Email is a huge topic in the digital industry because it’s the most widely used method of communication used in approximately 73 Percent of companies.

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