URL Shortener – 10 Reasons to Shorten Your Links

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Web link shorteners do exactly what they say they do – they reduce web links, but why? Links will most likely lead to the same location, no matter how much time has passed. Fortunately, there are many ways you can use a reduced web link to your advantage.

10 Reasons to Shorten Your Links

Below are 10 reasons to shorten your links, from boosting your brand to boosting your website traffic.

Boost branding:

With personalized URL shorteners, you can use your brand or business name to create a domain name that stands for every one of your web links across the internet. Share information about your domain name to enhance trust and make people more likely to click on it.

Share on social networks:

Social network advertising has the disadvantage that a personality limit usually restricts the message. Utilizing a tiny URL shortener means you can share your URL without extending beyond the limit, leaving you extra words to make up the perfect post.


When presenting your brand-new service or product, linking your site on a slide can seem futile. After the presentation’s over, most will forget what the URL was and will not have the ability to see it, even if they wish to. If you develop a short link, it’s much easier to remember as well as customers are more likely to see it after the presentation has ended.

Split screening:

Instead of linking directly to your website or blog post, develop a couple of different, customized links for that solitary web page. You can track which URL performs best and brings in the most traffic this way.

Business cards:

Make use of a well-known URL shortener for your website or social media pages to print on your calling card. Viewers are more likely to click on a short link than a longer one.

Email signature:

Add a brief web link to your email signature to boost traffic to your website or social media. This is useful when looking for leads, running an e-mail project, or networking.

Make links a lot more attractive:

Long links often include random numbers and letters and can feel like spam or unreliable to anybody viewing it. Reducing as well as tailoring your link can improve your click rate, as well as authority.

Deep linking:

Deep connecting is the method of linking to a particular subpage within your website that takes clients directly to the content. Making use of a brief link is an excellent means to link customers straight to the content they want without needing to dig with your website.

Sharing social accounts:

Having a custom-made, branded URL makes it very easy to link your social media sites in a memorable way. Customers can enter your URL and then change the website they intend to use to find your accounts– even if your usernames differ.

Track your website traffic:

Some link shorteners, included the ability to track clicks throughout every one of your links as well as recognize specifically where your target market is coming from.


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